Related Programs

Graduate Voice

The goal of the graduate voice program at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts is to enable the student to refine technical skills and develop advanced interpretive techniques through the study and performance of significant works from the opera literature. As a conservatory, the School’s focus is on preparing students to begin their careers as performing artists. A combination of professional opportunities outside the School along with specially designed courses within the curriculum widens the scope of the student’s business experience and constitutes a more contemporary, market-sensitive approach to educating musicians.

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Undergraduate Voice

The undergraduate voice program includes a broad array of academic courses in addition to a rigorous professional education in music. Students enrolled in the program address a wide range of material designed to develop vocal technique and musicianship; knowledge of different musical styles, languages and traditions; and stage presence and deportment. Weekly private lessons plus a weekly performance class provide opportunities to solidify techniques in performance, discuss musical ideas, gain constructive, positive input from peers; and develop student confidence and skill before an audience.

Performance opportunities in the undergraduate voice program include weekly Performance Hour and masterclasses, Cantata Singers and Opera Scenes, in addition to two fully staged operas per year.

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Collaborative Piano Program

Students in the collaborative piano program will perform frequently with their vocal and instrumental partners in recital, jury and master class situations. Recitals presented as part of the collaborative piano degree will comprise a selection of repertoire and partnerings chosen by the student in consultation with his or her major teacher. Ensemble participation should be as varied and comprehensive as possible. A student’s ensemble experience will normally include two terms of Chamber Music, as well as one term of Opera Scenes in Year One and

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